When selecting your show goat there are a few things to keep in mind.

Decide what your budget will be to spend on a show quality goat.

First of all don't buy trouble! Start with a healthy goat from a trusted breeder.

One thing you should look for is how well the animal appears to be built. For this we need to think about the goat from the inside out. The bone structure can't be changed. 

Lets look at goat starting from the front and working our way to the back. The neck needs to flow smoothly into the top of the shoulders. From here we will travel all the way down to the hip with what should be a straight line. This is also referred to as the goat's topline.

When looking at the goat from the side view, the goat needs to have good length from front to back. You also need to have good depth. Depth is looking at the topline of the goat down to the underside of the goat. 

At the hip we should see a slight drop to the tail. The hips should be wide. (narrow hips usually indicate a narrow goat throughout).

Rear legs should be straight without turning in or out when viewing from the rear. Rear legs however should not be straight from the tail to the ground when viewing from the side. The pasterns should sit up. The rear legs need to have good bone density as well.

The front legs should also show good bone density and be straight from the chest to the ground when viewed from the front.

The goat should travel easily as it moves. 