Fitting your goat

Fitting your goat is what people call it when you are getting your goat ready for the show. This is done through grooming, shaving, and hoof care.


Traditionally many breeds  shave their goats a few days prior to the show. Fainting goat breeders often prefer to leave their goats in the natural state. The breed has many long haired goats and the judging of the coat is important. Long haired goats are judged 30% on their coat.  Short haired goats may be shown shaven. A shaved goat may show off it's muscling a little better, but an experienced judge can feel the goat and make the decision about the muscling. You will need to think about the weather and any changes the weather will make before you shave your goat. If you choose to shave in the winter months you will want to have a blanket for your goat until the hair grows back and make sure the goat has a nice warm dry place to stay. Also remember that a shaven goat can sunburn easily in the summer months. You can use a sunblock found at your local feed stores.  


If you have decide to shave your goat there are some tips that might be helpful. Clip with the grain of the hair and not against it. Monitor your clippers because they can be come hot. If this happens just let them cool for a while so you don't burn your goat. it is best to shave and practice several times prior to the show Also make sure to shave your goat a few days prior to the show to avoid any clipper marks.


Don't forget to trim the hooves. A good trim job will allow the goat to walk properly. You want them up on their pasterns.


Prior to the day of the show you should brush, shampoo, condition and dry your goat really good. Just about any brand of shampoo will work. Some breeders prefer to use a horse shampoo. Wool-lite can be a good option to remove strains. Go- Joe is another option. They also have bluing shampoos on the market that might help as well.


Now is the time to check to make sure your goat is identified properly for the show. You can use tattoo's, ear tags or microchips. Read the show rules so that you know what is accepted. You should also become familiar with your state requirements. All states are different on what they require so if you need to cross the state lines  make sure you are well informed.