Showing Your Goat

Now that your goat has accepted the collar/halter and is leading and setting


up; you need to practice on how to show your goat.


You will need to know where you should be standing while the judge is


viewing your goat. You always want to keep the goat between you and the




Some refer to this as a peanut butter sandwich. The judge is a slice of bread,


the peanut butter is the goat and you are the other slice of bread. No good


sandwich will have the 2 slices of bread together without something in the


middle. The goat of course is the middle! Always look at the judge.


Never stop showing your goat until you are out of the arena.


If at all possible try to watch a class or two prior to taking your goat into


the show-ring. You can see how the judge likes to move the goats


around the ring and see the type of goats that he likes the best.


Always have a good attitude and learn to win graciously and how to lose with


dignity. Show good sportsmanship at all times. Learn from your mistakes.


 Most importantly is to have fun showing your goat.