You must be willing to devote the time that it will take to train your goat to get them ready for the show-ring. It is best to work your goat everyday for 10-15 minutes. Don't try to accomplish everything over the weekend. Allow 6 weeks or more prior to the show to train your goat.

There are many different opinions on how to train your goat. The first thing is to decide if you will train them using a collar or a halter. Fell free to try both methods to see which one will work best for you and your goat. All goats are different. Before you can teach your goat to lead they must learn to accept a halter or collar on them. Some goats do this easily but others do not.

I always feel that it is best to put a collar on them at a young age and they will adjust to it better. Every time you visit with your goat you should place the halter or collar on them for a short period of time so that they can adjust to it . Remove it before your leave. This will get them use to having something on. Don't leave your collars or halters on them when you are not there.Some breeders will tie their goat up with the halter or collar and allow them to fight and struggle until they settle down. Once they settle down they are considered halter broke. If you choose this method, remember to never leave the goat alone. You don't want your goat to get hurt and not be there to intervene.

Once they have accepted the collar or halter it is time to start working on teaching them to lead. It is best in my opinion to not try to drag the goat around. Encourage them to follow you with a treat or a little grain. DON'T pull their tail. I see this often! You can touch them on their hip area and this will also encourage them to go. Just don't use their tail.

Once the goat is leading you will be able to start working on setting him/her up. Sitting up a goat is just a matter of getting all 4 feet square. The front two feet should be set squarely under the goat with some distance between them. The rear two legs should also be set squarely under them. Don't try to set them up so wide that it is unnatural. It will just takes some practice to get them to stand still. You should also practice moving from side to side while you are teaching your goat to remain still. You will need to do this while the judge is looking at your goat. Try to keep their head straight and their back straight.